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Hello Again Intro (Lyrics)

Hello Again was debuted as 1 of 4 new songs in the 2004 Summer Tour. Dave improved various intro to this song during the performances in 2004. Hello Again was recorded and released on the album "Stand Up" in 2005. After the release of the album, the improved intro dissapeared with it.

Hello Again Intros

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Help Myself (Lyrics)
It was recorded in the "Crash" sessions, but didn't make the final cut (Steve Lillywhite, Oct. 1998).Originally they were to have given Halloween for the soundtrack of Scream 2 during the "Before These Crowded Streets" sessions. However, once it was finished, they decided this version of Halloween was too strong, recorded it with the Kronos Quartet and kept it for the album. Then they re-recorded Help Myself (complete with Tim Reynolds on mandolin), and gave it to the movie and soundtrack.
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