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Swimming In The River
It’s Labor Dave Weekend! That time of year when 20,000 dedicated Dave Matthews Band enthusiasts make their pilgrimage to Washington State for three days of camping, fun, friendship, awe-inspiring nature, and, of course, music. Sadly, I have yet to make this trip, but it is an absolute on my bucket-list. And although, I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the live adventure, this year, at least, I will be watching the shows online which is a fantastic option for those of us who couldn’t swing the travel.   
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A Story That's True
The former Mt. Zion Baptist Church has been site of the Music Resource Center since 2003.Synchronicity is not just an album by The Police. It is a psycho-spiritual construct developed by the late Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Jung defined synchronicity as an “a-causal connecting principle,” where two events occur in chronological proximity to each other, so that the people involved deem it a meaningful coincidence. Jung believed that synchronicity occurs in relation to the collective unconscious, a universal information system that connects us all across time and space. Synchronistic events occur quite often, and enlighten us to the notion that everything, everywhere, is connected at a very deep level. Popular examples of this phenomenon include: receiving a phone call from the very person you were just thinking of; or running into an acquaintance who turns out to have information that you were recently seeking. Jung's most famous description of this sensation involves a patient who was not progressing in her treatment until a rare beetle appeared while she was retelling a dream about that exact type of insect. This profound development became a catalyst for her future growth.
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Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds and LeRoi Moore featured on new Sokoband album

UPDATE: 03/15/10

Sokoband recently posted a tweet mentioning that while the songs on thier self titled album "Sokoband" are new to listeners one of the tracks features LeRoi Moore at the age of 27! LeRoi is plays on 3 tracks on the album and Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are featured on the track "Jiriki". Respectfully the album is dedicated to John Gilmore and LeRoi Moore.

Sokoband's new album is now available via itunes and their official website.

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LeRoi's "Luminous" Legacy

Funny the way it is

Not right or wrong

On a soldier's last breath

His baby's being born.


These lyrics from The Dave Matthews Band's recent hit “Funny the Way It Is” poignantly speak to the story I'm about to tell. In this tale of a musician's dream realized, the soldier is LeRoi Moore and the baby is an album he produced for the jazz/pop/folk artist Samantha Farrell. Both DMB's record “Big Whiskey” and Farrell's work “Luminous” were released after LeRoi's death, yet both carry undeniable influences from the great saxophonist. Samantha's soulful recording is now available on Itunes and a part of her proceeds will benefit LeRoi's charity, which among other things, plants trees and gives struggling children an opportunity to learn music.

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