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Big Whiskey Artwork: An Interpretation - Part 3
This week, the Dave Matthews Band revealed the complete “Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King” album cover. After much anticipation, we now have all 9 pieces of the puzzle including 8 individual images, along with a ninth drawing which integrates the works into a complete portrait. In two previous articles, we have explored the symbolism behind pictures 1-3, and 4-6, respectively. This article will focus on pictures 7-8, before taking a look at the final gestalt. The fact that the band released the images in such a unique way, has certainly given us an opportunity to delve deeply into the many layers of interpretation. And now that the final image is on display, we have an even clearer view of the artworks' intended meaning. It occurs to me that the album will provide a similar experience, in that we will be treated to each musician's contribution both individually, and completely, as a unit.

In picture 7, we have 2 white horses pulling a cart. Their feet are in the mud, which could symbolize either being stuck or laboring with much effort. They are also wearing blinders, which is customary for these types of working horses, but it can also point to the enduring focus that the band may have needed in order to complete this album.
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Big Whiskey Artwork: An Interpretation - Part 2
In anticipation of the new album, “Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King,” the Dave Matthews Band has been giving fans a taste of what's to come, by showing us the album's artwork, piece by piece. In the previous article, the symbolism of the first three pictures was explored. As you may recall, it was noted that there were 9 people in the first picture, 9 being the most sacred number of all. Interestingly, it turns out that there are 9 pictures in total. This article will focus on pictures 4-6, and a forthcoming article will discuss 7-9.

In the fourth picture, we have the same Mardi Gras theme with a carefree, bathing-suit clad woman holding a wine glass and celebrating. One of the themes that I find so fascinating about all of these pictures, is the paradox between celebration and despair, life and death. Although we may think of these as polar opposites, they are actually more related than we realize. In fact, a synonym for the word celebrate is to honor or memorialize. Again, bringing forth the fact that this project is a tribute to fallen band member, LeRoi Moore.
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Big Whiskey Artwork: An Interpretation - Part 1
Recently there's been a wealth of news arising in anticipation of “Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King.” Along with several song titles, we are also being given a taste of some artwork related to the new album. At the time of this writing, three pictures have surfaced, all of which have a very distinct New Orleans, Mardi Gras feel to them. The pieces are creating substantial buzz in the DMB community, with fans wondering what the works mean. Let me first say, that analyzing artwork is a hugely subjective and projective endeavor, with interpretations varying widely depending on the person doing the review. With that in mind, here are some of my thoughts on the recent pictures. Remember, the forum is always open and welcoming to differing points of view.

In the first picture, there is a bird that seems to have been released by a man on the roof. Interestingly, the bird's shape is a cross (which can be interpreted in a religious way, or as a symbol of the four directions), and looks like a dove.
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