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#27 (Lyrics)

This song was first played on 07.28.07 at a Dave & Tim show. The meaning of the name was revealed when Stefan said in an interview on Sirius satellite radio that this is the twenty-seventh song from the latest batch of songs the band has been working on. On 08.02.07 and again on 06.07.08, Dave introduced "#27" as "I Hope You'll Be By Me Then"

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#34 (Lyrics)

This song made a brief span of appearances in early 1993. It was inspired by and written for Miguel Valdez, a percussionist who sat in with the band in 1992 and who passed away in early 1993. It was finally released in 1994 on Under the Table and Dreaming (track #34) as an instrumental track. It is also co-written by Haines Fullerton, an early collaborator who took his own life in September 1996. The song made a surprising comeback on 7.9.05 after a few teases earlier in the tour. This is currently the longest comeback in DMB history, at 4491 days between performances, or a little over 12 years.

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#40 (Lyrics)
Original lyrics to #40. This song is also know as "Always". Probably on of the most teased songs in DMB history, however Dave has played somewhat of a full version through the years with the most recent performance being on 06.21.08. The are almost always inconsistent. 
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